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Dive into the enchanting realm of literature through our Secondary Literature courses. We do more than just read books; we unlock the hidden wonders of the written word. Over a 13-week journey, your child will explore the profound impact of literature on our world's past and present. Together, we'll uncover how literature acts as a timeless mirror, reflecting the evolution of society and the lasting influence it has on our lives.

For Secondary 1-4 (Ages 13-16)

  • Our Poetry courses are designed to help students analyse poems by delving into the use of literary devices to create a desired impact. They cover a wide array of both local and international poems thoughtfully organised into popular themes. This course runs for 13 weeks and offers three distinct cycles throughout the year. This means students have the flexibility to refine their poetry skills continuously as they can attend more than one course cycle. Moreover, students can attend all three runs of the Poetry course since we cover different poems in each cycle.

    Content Covered

    Course Details

    A mixture of local and international poems

    Literary Techniques

    Planning and structuring of essays

    Run 1: 29 June 2024 - 21 September 2024

  • Considering the wide variety of texts taught in different schools, our Set Text course is structured based on the demand for specific texts. This course will run for two 13-week cycles – before their Weighted Assessments and before the End-of-Year exams – since schools examine set texts at various times of the year. Our approach covers popular texts from both prose and drama genres. In this course, students learn to analyse every page meticulously through close reading and craft well-structured essays to eloquently convey their perspectives. By the end of the course, students will have achieved mastery over their chosen text. 

    Content Covered

    Course Details


    - In-depth coverage of plot and themes

    - Narrative techniques

    - Planning and structuring of essays


    - In-depth coverage of plot and themes

    - Dramatic techniques

    - Planning and structuring of essays

    Drama (Something Old Something New Something Borrowed): 1 February 2024 - 1 May 2024


    • The content covered in both runs will be exactly the same. 

    • Contact our friendly teaching specialists at +65 9272 1027 to enquire about the set texts offered.

We cover a variety of literary devices in the Poetry courses and in-depth chapter/scene analysis in the Set Text courses.

(1) Comprehensive Coverage

Lessons will be differentiated to suit the students’ proficiency in the language.

(2) Suitable for All Levels

Lesson materials cover commonly tested themes and question types based on the latest exam trends.

(3) Exam-centric Curriculum

Students are taught specific strategies to improve their grades based on their current performance level.

(4) Grade-based Approach

Does my child need help in Literature?

  • New and never-before-seen subjects make an appearance in secondary school. For the first time for many students, they are exposed to Literature. Scoring in Literature is not just about being able to read a book; students will have to pull apart a text and interpret it based on theme, form, impressions and author’s intent. A lack of understanding can cause many students to develop a resistance towards the subject. Our Literature courses will equip students with the tools they need to tackle the demands of analysing texts of different genres and inculcate an appreciation for Literature.

  • Students who choose to pursue Literature at the upper secondary levels are rarer than diamonds. Though the pressure of the syllabus may be overwhelming for many, we always say that diamonds are formed in the rough! The Literature courses guide students through the mining of texts and heightens the appreciation of nuances in the language. Our students gain mastery of the subject through close-reading habits and develop a keen sense of familiarity in their texts. This then translates into proficient writing that is based on sound reasoning with evidence and expressed through literary flair.

Let our teaching specialists assess your child’s most recent school paper so that we can tailor their learning for the fastest improvement.

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