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Our Commitment

Our main focus is nurturing each learner in a way that equips them with essential skills, deep knowledge, and a strong sense of identity. We're dedicated to instilling in them a profound appreciation of the diverse world we live in. We believe that every child is unique and brimming with potential, and we're here to guide them toward reaching their goals.

We're not just educators; we're mentors on a mission to empower your child with the knowledge and confidence they need for success in school and life beyond the classroom. We believe that every student's voice matters, whether it's through spoken words or written expressions.

Our Vision

Erudite Education Academy was founded by a group of passionate English and Literature teaching specialists who share a common goal: to help young minds sharpen their language skills and unleash their creative potential.

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About Us.

We understand the challenges of being a parent. With Erudite, you’re not alone in this journey. We’re here to make it as rewarding and stress-free as possible.


Our tailored learning approach, experienced educators, engaging curriculum and small class sizes are designed to nurture your child's love for learning, boost their confidence, and provide you with peace of mind.



Struggling to instill a love for reading in your child? Our curriculum immerses students in captivating world-centric themes that foster a deep understanding of diverse cultures, global affairs, and the evolving world. It's about igniting the spark of curiosity and exploration.

Tired of hearing “lessons are boring”? Our dedicated teachers create exciting and engaging classroom experiences. With a wealth of teaching experience and a genuine passion for teaching, they craft dynamic lessons that inspire and empower students.

Worried about your child's exam performance? Give your child's grades a boost through active, inquiry-based learning. We equip students with the tools they need to think and excel. It's about unleashing the power of language and helping students find their voice, on paper and in front of an audience.

Meet Our Teachers

  • Teacher Joey's journey into education blossomed after a decade in the corporate world. Her rich background in corporate communications and editorial roles ignited her passion for teaching. With dedication and joy, she nurtures young minds to become independent and confident learners.

    Primary Teacher

    Joey Heng

  • Teacher Nithiya firmly believes in nurturing the inherent greatness within each student. With 8 years of teaching experience, she has guided learners aged 4 to 18, embracing the diversity in needs and fostering an engaging learning environment. Her passion for English and Communications, combined with a holistic teaching approach, creates a supportive space where students thrive and shine.

    Primary Teacher

    Nithiya Vasu

  • Teacher Kamern's journey into education sparked during the COVID-19 lockdown in Singapore, where volunteering to teach English to children unveiled her deep passion for teaching. Crafting and delivering lessons became an enriching pursuit during an otherwise challenging time. Committed to unlocking every student's potential, she strongly believes in tailoring her teaching approach to suit each child's unique learning style.

    Primary Teacher

    Kamern Tan

  • Meet Teacher Pat, a dedicated English educator fuelled by a passion for nurturing a love for language and literacy. Her aim is to cultivate an inclusive, supportive space where students feel inspired to explore the beauty of the English language. She always greets her students with a warm smile and a welcoming presence!

    Primary Teacher

    Patricia Yong

  • Teacher Clara's journey as a published author has been a tapestry of shared tales resonating with readers. Her stories, showcased in anthologies like 'Tapestry of Colours 1' and 'Stories of Asia and Singapore at Home - Life Across Lines,' beautifully capture life's rich diversity. With a distinction in TESOL from NTU, she crafts dynamic learning experiences. Over 20 years, she's fostered not just literary skills but a lifelong passion for storytelling and essential life skills, building rewarding connections with students aged 6 to 16.

    Primary Teacher

    Clara Mok

  • Teacher Tanya brings a wealth of tutoring experiences, both privately and as a volunteer, shaping her versatile teaching style. Interacting with diverse backgrounds has honed her ability to tailor methods to meet each student's distinct needs and aspirations. Inspired by 'Matilda,' a childhood favourite read ten times, her passion for instilling a love for reading and language resonates in every class, believing that this passion is the key to embracing English.

    Primary Teacher

    Tanya Rai

  • My teaching philosophy is built on creating an inclusive and engaging environment where every student can find their voice. I believe in tailoring my approach to each student's unique needs, fostering a love for learning and encouraging independent thinking. It's not just about sharing information; it's about helping students think for themselves, be resilient, and love learning. My aim is to guide them not only to academic success but also to empower them to express themselves confidently and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

    Primary Teacher

    Serena Toh


Teacher Poh's vision is clear: to make learning the English language a fun and enjoyable process for students and get their minds moving. With 8 years of teaching under her belt, many students have thrived under her tutelage over the years. She believes that, with a spoonful of humour and bucketloads of patience, any student can reach their full potential.

Head of Primary

Ng Poh Hian


A firm advocate that education starts from the self, Teacher James aspires to share his passion for English and Literature with his students. He inspires students to develop the right attitude towards their studies - what he likes to call the ‘Carnival Mentality’: keep their eyes on the prize, work smart, and enjoy the ride. Known for his peppy personality and enthusiasm for teaching, Teacher James develops a close rapport with his students and helps them soar to great heights.

Head of Secondary

James Nayar

  • Teacher Shiu Leen brings over 14 years of dedicated experience working with both primary and secondary students. She's not only taught the PSLE English syllabus but also guided students in AEIS exam preparatory classes. Her aspiration is to foster confidence in those developing their English skills while refining the language mastery of confident users, striving for greater accuracy, clarity, and style in their expression.

    Primary and Secondary Teacher

    Lin Shiu Leen

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