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A five-day intensive and experiential holiday programme that targets the English Language Paper 1 components: Continuous Writing and Situational Writing.

How do you write about something you have never experienced? This holiday, we're bringing the experience to you!


With a unique teaching approach and carefully-crafted materials, our holiday programme will equip you with the writing skills and exam techniques to conquer your PSLE English Paper 1 with confidence - get better with batter!

Upper Primary
(Primary 5 to 6)


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Components covered

Composition Writing

Students will:

- Learn the 5 Senses writing technique

- Apply what they have experienced into a composition

- Write two compositions based on a versatile storyline to answer different themes and pictures

Situational Writing

Students will:

- Review formal and informal writing formats

- Write 3 situational writing pieces

(1 formal, 1 informal and 1 under test setting)


Programme structure

Day 1

  • 5 Senses

  • Planning for Day 2 Baking Showdown


Day 2

  • Baking Showdown

  • Consolidation of Experience using our unique Looks like-Feels like-Sounds like (LFS) Diagram


Day 3

  • Exam Techniques (How to Never Go Out of Point)

  • Writing of Storyline based on Baking Showdown


Day 4

  • Situational Writing


Day 5

  • Exam Techniques (Adapting a Versatile Storyline to Fit Different Themes and Pictures)


Lesson duration and fees

  • 2 hours/lesson, 5 days

  • Run 1: 29 May - 2 Jun, 9.30am - 11.30am (Eastgate)

  • Run 2: 12 Jun - 16 Jun, 9.30am - 11.30am (Eastgate)

  • Online (MS Teams) option available

  • *Physical attendance required for Day 2

Fees: $400 ($80/lesson)

Early Bird (till 14 May 2023) OR Existing Student: 10%

(STACK AND SAVE!) Multiple programmes discount: +5% for each additional full programme signed up

A la carte options available.

Call 9272 1027 to enquire for more details.

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