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Broaden Your World




Lower and Upper Secondary
(Secondary 1 to 4)

It is not news that English is a global language. In this day and age, mastering the language, both in written and speech, is crucial to stand out from the crowd. Our English programme is designed to equip each student with the skills needed to ace the exams and to keep up with the demands of today.

Components covered

Paper 1

  • Editing

  • Situational Writing

  • Free Writing

Paper 2

  • Comprehension

  • Summary


  • Planned response

  • Stimulus-based conversation


Class duration

  • 13 weeks of lesson per term

  • One class per week

  • 2 hours per lesson

Does my child need help?

Secondary 1

The jump from primary to secondary school may catch students by surprise. Students are expected to juggle their time independently between schoolwork, CCAs and other commitments. With no major examinations in the first year, most students have the time of their lives as they soak in the newfound freedom and eye-opening experience to a more grown-up school environment. As a result, their studies end up being pushed down their list of priorities. However, the skills taken from primary school are no longer sufficient for students at the secondary level.


Our Lower Secondary English curriculum bridges the transition from the PSLE to the Cambridge syllabus. While some sections seem to be similar, the curriculum is designed to further develop their writing skills, with exposure to more complicated writing styles like personal reflective and descriptive essays. Students also need to be more analytical and break apart fiction and non-fiction texts in detail to answer the questions with accuracy. The foundation in the first year will be vital for the later secondary years.

Secondary 2

With Secondary 2 being the streaming year for students, the major examinations will be critical for students as English will contribute to their results that determine their subject combination. Students will have to adjust from their cushy Secondary 1 life to rapidly gear up for the realities of examinations again. More components will be introduced, such as learning how to craft a speech and write an article for a news or magazine. They will also need to take on more complex writing like expository and discursive essays.


The Lower Secondary English programme covers all grounds and prepares students for the rigour of Secondary 2 school life as they wade their way through unknown waters and take on the year with ability and assurance.

Secondary 3

The difficulty of every subject intensifies in Secondary 3 as students are exposed to all the components that will be covered in the O Level exams, including report writing and argumentative essays. With the 'O' Level examination year looming on the horizon, this seemingly “breather” year is not the time for students to procrastinate. Instead, students have to buckle down, absorb what they have learnt and apply their skills.


The Upper Secondary English programme provides students with a longer runway to absorb and adjust to the concepts and skills required to succeed in their 'O' Levels. From reading, writing to speaking, students will build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses before they are catapulted at full speed into their final year.

Secondary 4

Arguably the most crucial year in a student’s secondary school life, the 'O' level exam sets the basis for whatever route the student takes in their tertiary education. As the Language (L1), English is essential as it is a compulsory subject they need to pass to even progress into tertiary education. Although students may use their Higher Mother Tongue to substitute English, this option is available to few and far between.


For the many and all around, our intensive Upper Secondary English programme establishes a comprehensive routine of recap, reinforcement and revision that is aimed to help students identify their weak points and address them through ample practice. Come academic hell or high water, it is full steam ahead! Our globally-conscious students will smoothly sail through the English O Level and beyond with confidence and preparedness.


Students in the Integrated Programme (IB/IP) take Language Arts as a subject. If you are unsure which programme is more suitable for your child, please contact our experts who will advise you on the relevant programmes based on the school's syllabus.

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