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Oral Bootcamp

Have you ever been told to lie if you don't know how to answer the question?

Learn how we use the PREPS approach to answer different questions, and you'll never have to lie again!

Our topics are curated based on commonly tested PSLE questions to develop your oracy skills and boost your confidence for the upcoming exams.

Upper Primary
(Primary 5 to 6)

Components covered

Reading Aloud

Students will:

- Learn how to pronounce commonly mispronounced words

- Learn methods to ace the reading passage section

Stimulus-based Conversation

Students will:

- Cover 5 oral themes

- Learn how to tackle the key oral questions for PSLE

- Apply the PREPS approach to answer SBC questions


Programme structure

Day 1

  • Food for Fuel (Food and Nutrition)


Day 2

  • Kindness Boomerang


Day 3

  • A Sustainable Future (Environment)


Day 4

  • Game On! (Competition)


Day 5

  • Neighbours Unite


Lesson duration and fees

  • 2 hours/lesson, 5 days

  • Run 1: 29 May - 2 Jun, 9.30am - 11.30am (KAP Mall)

  • Run 2: 29 May - 2 Jun, 12.30pm - 2.30pm (Eastgate)

  • Run 3: 19 Jun - 23 Jun, 9.30am - 11.30am (Eastgate)

  • Online (MS Teams) option available

Fees: $300 ($60/lesson)

Early Bird sign-up OR Existing Erudite student: 10%

(STACK AND SAVE!) Multiple programmes discount: +5% for each additional full programme signed up


Students who sign up for the full 5 days will get a 15-minute 1-1 mock oral session after the bootcamp (via Teams). Parents to choose from the list of available slots (no rescheduling allowed). Marking rubric and feedback will be emailed to each parent after the test session.

A la carte options available.

Call 9272 1027 to enquire for more details.

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