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English Bootcamp

"I can speak English, but why can't I seem to score in my English Paper 2?" Does this sound like an issue you struggle with? Many times, students make mistakes in their paper because they go with what "sounds right".

Get your foundation right with our offerings under the intensive English bootcamp. Familiarise yourself with top trending PSLE questions, find out how to avoid commonly made mistakes, and learn the tips and tricks to ace the PSLE exams.

Upper Primary
(Primary 5 to 6)

Components covered

Paper 2:

Students will:

- Learn the essential grammar rules that are commonly tested in PSLE (that can help to secure up to 40 marks in the Paper 2 exam!)

- Learn about reading and answering techniques and how they can be applied to comprehension texts (Comprehension Cloze and Comprehension Open-ended)

- Cover exam techniques for Paper 2 to avoid making careless mistakes 


Programme structure

Day 1

  • Grammar


Day 2

  • Synthesis & Transformation


Day 3

  • Comprehension Cloze


Day 4

  • Comprehension Open-ended I


Day 5

  • Comprehension Open-ended II


Lesson duration and fees

  • 2 hours/lesson, 5 days

  • Run 1: 29 May - 2 Jun, 12.30pm - 2.30pm (KAP Mall)

  • Run 2: 12 Jun - 16 Jun, 12.30pm - 2.30pm (Eastgate)

  • Online (MS Teams) option available​

Fees: $300 ($60/lesson)

Early Bird (till 14 May 2023) OR Existing Student: 10%

(STACK AND SAVE!) Multiple programmes discount: +5% for each additional programme full signed up


Students who sign up for the full 5 days will also get a mock test paper to attempt on their own. A live review session (online) will be held on 3 July 2023 (Monday) at 7pm to go through the answers. 

Note: For students who are unable to make it for this session, a recording will be sent out instead.

A la carte options available.

Call 9272 1027 to enquire for more details.

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