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Broaden Your World




Combined and Pure
(Secondary 1 to 4)

Literature is more than just leisure reading; it is about mining the words for meaning under a literary lens. In the Literature programme, students develop a better understanding of society – past and present – and how literature continuously shapes and influences the world around us.

Components covered

  • Poetry 

  • Prose

  • Drama


Class duration

  • 12 weeks of lesson per term

  • One class per week

  • 2 hours per lesson

Does my child need help?

Secondary 1 & 2

New and never-before-seen subjects make an appearance in secondary school. For the first time for many students, they are exposed to Literature. Scoring in Literature is not just about being able to read a book; students will have to pull apart a text and interpret it based on theme, form, impressions and author’s intent. A lack of understanding can cause many students to develop a resistance towards the subject. Our Literature programme will equip students with the tools they need to tackle the demands of analysing texts of different genres and inculcate an appreciation for Literature.

Secondary 3 & 4

Students who choose to pursue Literature at the upper secondary levels are rarer than diamonds. Though the pressure of the syllabus may be overwhelming for many, we always say that diamonds are formed in the rough! The Literature programme guides students through the mining of texts and heightens the appreciation of nuances in the language. Our students gain mastery of the subject through close-reading habits and develop a keen sense of familiarity in their texts. This then translates into proficient writing that is based on sound reasoning with evidence and expressed through literary flair. 


Students in the Integrated Programme (IB/IP) take Language Arts as a subject. If you are unsure which programme is more suitable for your child, please contact our experts who will advise you on the relevant programmes based on the school's syllabus.

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