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Our Facilities

The centre consists of three spacious classrooms, fully equipped with projectors, 55” TVs and tablets to enhance an interactive hybrid learning experience. Our students can choose to attend classes in person or online - ideal for those who need the flexibility! 

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Reception Counter

Enter our centre and you'll be greeted by our friendly client service officer who's ready to answer any queries you may have.

Classroom 1

A cosy classroom that can comfortably fit up to 12 students, this space is designed for our primary classes - with tables and chairs to suit their frames! 

The space in front of the classroom allows for activities and board work during lessons.

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Classroom 2

For IB/IP students with school-specific syllabi, this classroom provides a space for teacher-facilitated learning, discussions and project-based presentations.


Our secondary and tertiary students also get to use this classroom as a study space before and after classes.

Classroom 3

This spacious classroom is meant for our secondary students - every student that has seen the amount of space has been mind-blown so far!

Equipped with portable furniture, this allows for flexibility in the table arrangement for group discussions and presentations.

Our Team

A firm advocate that education starts from the self, Teacher James aspires to share his passion for English and Literature with his students. He inspires students to develop the right attitude: keep their eyes on the prize, work smart, and enjoy the ride. Known for his peppy personality and enthusiasm for teaching, Teacher James develops a close rapport with his students and helps them soar to great heights.



Still on the fence?

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