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Sow the Seed




Lower Primary
(Primary 1 to 2)

We believe that learning is best done when our students are having fun! From showcasing their pets to writing letters to their favourite characters, our Bloom programme is designed to both tickle and enrich our budding learners.

Components covered

Paper 1

  • Creative Writing

Paper 2

  • Grammar

  • Sentence structure

  • Vocabulary

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Reading comprehension


  • Reading aloud

  • Stimulus-based conversation


Class duration

  • 13 weeks of lesson per term

  • One class per week

  • 1.5 hours per lesson

Does my child need help?

Primary 5

The transition from Primary 4 to Primary 5 is a jump that is often overlooked. Once again, students have to make adjustments; this time, to the requirements of the new PSLE syllabus. However, most students cruise through the deceivingly easy year and only realise that they are lagging behind when they get their results from the end-of-year examinations.


Our Primary 5 Linguist programme smoothens the transition for our students as we extend the one-year runway to two and equip them with the exam strategies and skills needed to prepare for these new challenges and manage the pressure. Going slow and steady will help them to win the race!

Primary 6 (PSLE)

As the PSLE fast approaches, the pressure is on, but getting through Primary 6 does not have to be a grind. To excel in their PSLE, students will need to zero in on the finish line and run towards it with stamina and speed. These critical months will focus on strategically revising and reinforcing the concepts they have learnt.


The Primary 6 Linguist programme covers all bases, from intermediate and advanced grammar rules, comprehension skills, mastering the exam techniques to evaluating their work with accuracy and sureness.


We encourage students to attend both the Linguist and Author programmes as they are complementary to each other.  Please contact us to find out more.

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