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Middle to Upper Primary
(Primary 3 to 6)

Designed to help the ones who struggle to put pen to paper as well as those who have a flair for writing to excel even further, our Author programme empowers our students to wield their pen like a sword and take on composition writing with confidence and technique.

Components covered

  • Brainstorm stories with significant moments and plot twists

  • Writing techniques

  • Thematic vocabulary

  • Elevate stories through editing


Class duration

  • 13 weeks of lesson per term

  • One class per week

  • 2 hours per lesson

Does my child need help?

Primary 3 & 4

How we wish that learning how to write is as easy as ABC! A good story takes planning, grit and creative problem-solving. The Primary 3 and 4 Author programme solidifies our students’ foundation in the written word as they learn how to construct grammatical sentences, model expressive narrative styles and pick up writing techniques that they can implement in both school and their own writing. With a repertoire of techniques that will enable them to craft interesting introductions, provoking problems and satisfying solutions, our students will be ready to take on creative writing tasks with aplomb and prowess.

Primary 5 & 6 (PSLE)

Passing composition writing is not a tough feat. Scoring in it, on the other hand, seems elusive to many. While some students have a natural flair for writing, many others struggle to keep up with the expectations of a component that is so subjective. 


But what are the missing elements of a successful story? It is not all about rote memorisation. Besides amassing a wide vocabulary bank and bolstering their stories with literary devices, students have to plan, write and edit their piece to the given theme and picture(s) in a timed condition. A captivating story that fails to answer the theme or picture(s) is like giving oranges to someone who asked for apples. It is just not what they want. 


Writing in upper primary is about planning, applying and adapting. Breaking a leg is not enough. Through key skills and strategies, the Author programme will give these students the leg up they need in their writing to break the distinction barrier.


The Primary 5 and 6 Author programme is carefully curated to help students find their author’s voice and furnish them with strategies that can propel them to success in the exams and beyond the classroom.


We encourage students to attend both the Linguist and Author programmes as they are complementary to each other.  Please contact us to find out more.

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