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About Us

Great Minds



Erudite Education Academy was started by a team of English and Literature teaching specialists with a common philosophy - to help young minds sharpen their language skills and discover the potential of creativity within themselves.

Our Vision

We aspire to empower learners with knowledge and confidence that will carry them through their school life and beyond. Every Erudite student will have their voice heard - in speech and in writing.

Our Mission

We aim to nurture each and every learner in ways that will equip them with skills and knowledge, as well as strengthen their sense of identity and appreciation of our diverse world.


Erudite Edge

Education is not just about memorising facts and information.

Rather, it is about experiencing a world that one can actively learn in.

We understand the power of learning, which is why we leverage on a progressive teaching methodology to deliver engaging lessons and interactive materials that cater to different learning styles.





















Through an integrative approach that bridges physical and virtual classrooms through immersive experiences, Erudite combines a curated curriculum with different teaching styles to spark curiosity and encourage self-driven exploration in learning.

At Erudite,

we expose students to new perspectives

we encourage students to express themselves

we inspire students to explore their own ideas

we uncover the potential within.



Our curriculum is centred around exciting themes that will

enrich our students' minds. From world history to zooming in on countries around the globe, our students learn about cultures, behaviours and our ever-evolving technology.

Activities and discussions are also incorporated into our lessons to encourage deeper thinking and foster better understanding.


Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

On top of years of teaching experience, our teachers are learners at heart. We believe learning becomes super-charged when we have fun! With a genuine heart for teaching, our teachers go the extra mile for every student under our tutelage to prepare them for the examinations and beyond.


Teaching Philosophy

We believe that active learning is the most effective form of learning. We inspire our students to develop a love for learning and question the world around them.


At Erudite, our students grow to see the beauty in language and discover the power of their voice - on paper and in front of an audience.


Our Team

A firm advocate that education starts from the self, Teacher James aspires to share his passion for English and Literature with his students. He inspires students to develop the right attitude: keep their eyes on the prize, work smart, and enjoy the ride. Known for his peppy personality and zest for teaching, Teacher James develops a close rapport with his students and helps them soar to great heights.



Still on the fence?

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