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English that brings the world to your fingertips

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English is not just a language; it is a way of life.

We use English all around us, be it in current affairs, children’s literature or our daily conversations. That is why we believe that mastering the language is so important.


Through our thoughtfully-crafted curriculum and exploratory approach, we aim to nurture curious learners, authentic individuals and confident speakers - regardless of their learning pace. 


Our students are globally-conscious citizens who are ready to take the world by storm.


We offer English and Literature classes for primary and secondary levels throughout the year.



Unsure of the right choice for your child?

Contact us at +65 9272 1027 and our experts will gladly assist you.

What Our Students Say

Through Teacher James's detailed notes and expert guidance,  I managed to improve my English grade from a B4 to an A1 at the 'O' level examination! His teaching definitely gives you an edge in the examination.

- Callum Ting

(Tanjong Katong Secondary School)

My English grades used to be mediocre because of my comprehension. I was consistently getting B3s and all my English teachers kept saying that I was capable of doing better but I didn't know how. With a few months left to the 'O' Level examination, Teacher James identified the gaps in my understanding and did a crash course with me, and it worked! I wouldn’t have gotten my A1 without his expertise. For that, I am sincerely grateful.

- Ryan Coogle

(Zhong Hua Secondary School)

Teacher James is truly an amazing English teacher. He was able to help me improve from a C6 to an A1 for my English 'O' Levels. He is eager and sincere, and honestly, without him, I don't think I would have been able to achieve a Distinction. It was an honour to be his student. Thank you so much, Teacher James!

- Krish Nagrani

('O' Level Private Candidate)

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