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​Callum Ting

A1 Student

Tanjong Katong Secondary School


Thanks to Erudite, my English grade skyrocketed from a B4 to an A1 in the 'O' Levels! I'm grateful to Teacher James for his expert guidance that gave me the edge I needed in my exams. It made me realise that, with the right support, incredible improvements are not just possible but achievable. If you're looking for a programme that not only elevates grades but also equips students with the skills needed to excel, Erudite is the way to go!

Ryan Coogle

A1 Student

Zhong Hua Secondary School


My English grades used to be mediocre. I was consistently getting B3s and all my English teachers kept saying that I was capable of doing better but I didn't know how. With a few months left to the 'O' Levels, Teacher James identified the gaps in my understanding and did a crash course with me that worked wonders! I wouldn’t have got my A1 without his expertise. I'm sincerely grateful to Erudite for my success story.


Krish Nagrani

A1 Student

'O' level Private Candidate


Teacher James is truly an amazing English teacher. The first time I sat for my English 'O' Levels, I scored a C6. After I met him, I made a remarkable leap from a C6 to an A1. He is eager and sincere, and honestly, without him, I don't think I would have been able to achieve a distinction. It was an honour to be his student. Thank you so much, Teacher James!

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We believe that English is more than just a subject. As a global language, it is your child’s passport to success. Mastering the English language opens doors to a world of opportunities, and we’re here to guide your child on this transformative journey.


With our fresh and relevant curriculum that makes learning English and Literature engaging, we inspire a love for the language and motivate our students to achieve.

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